• everlasting charm

    A high-quality fabric that is a unique
    blend of comfort and smartness

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    The tough elegance of the best quality khaddar

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    Escape the humidity with the airy freshness of breathable cotton

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  • An Exotic Marvel
    Fantastic fineness and finesse

    Here is malmal - a light, semi-transparent, veil-like cotton cloth - that is unmatched in fineness and smooth quality

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Labours of Love

Pasha Solitaire

The top of the line product from the House of Pasha is held in such high esteem that it has become the official State Gift of Pakistan.

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About Pasha

For connoisseurs of luxury, Pasha is a pioneer in creating innovative, world-leading luxury fabrics primarily for men and, to a smaller extent, for women.

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Quality inside out

We use the world’s most exotic, 100% pure natural
fibres and raw materials of the highest quality
procured from the world’s best sources.

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