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The artistic effort of the HOUSE OF PASHA  goes beyond only creating beauty on the loom; their desire is to introduce their patrons to a new and refined lifestyle

They have pioneered in  making ultra-fine luxury fabrics that hitherto were not available here,  thus they have provided connoisseurs of luxury fabrics and people with discerning sartorial taste with the products of their choice. This has set an impetus and they are planning to facilitate a whole higher quality of life for people in the future.


At a more personal and idealistic level their vision is to cultivate in people a taste for the finer things in life and promote aesthetic values, instead of the materialism that is prevalent. Thus, like their father, the four brothers value the arts. They are preserving a few old masterpieces of early painters of the subcontinent. They also manufacture custom-made carpets of classical designs and their office is a show- piece of culture.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

john keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn

This is the restless and relentless artistic spirit behind the HOUSE OF PASHA.

Pasha is constantly working towards igniting the arts and crafts that are starting to diminish in Pakistan. This effort of the brand is based on our desire to see these pieces of heritage preserved and given a chance to flourish.

Persian Carpet Weaving

Carpets have been manufactured in Pakistan since the 11th century during the Mughal era. Carpets are still being manufactured in Pakistan, however the personal touch and the fine work that was the hallmark of carpets in the past is starting to die out. That is why here at Pasha we decided to try and revive this invaluable craft.

The whole popularity of Persian carpets stems from the fact that they are made by hand and have an extremely high knot count.

Pasha has been working with various carpet weavers who excel at this fine craft. We are extremely proud to be able to contribute towards Pakistan’s crafts and arts.


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